The Big Wine Cask in Mourquong

The big wine cask is a large shed painted to look like a wine cask
The Big Wine Cask in Mourquong (Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Story of The Big Wine Cask

The Big Wine Cask was located at the BRL Stanley Winery in Buronga, Mourquong, a locality in New South Wales. It measured 8 metres high, 11 metres long, and 7 meters wide, resembling the wine cask packaging of the winery.

Apparently, the Big Wine Cask would hold up to 400,000 litres of wine; however, that was not why it was built. Instead, the Big Wine Cask functioned as a water purification plant for the winery.

Before disappearing, the cask was voted the best tourist attraction in Mourquong by travellers, beating other tourist attractions in nearby towns, such as Broken Hill. However, in 2012, the parent company of the winery, Accolade Winery, rebranded. To be consistent with their branding, the Big Wine Cask was repainted, losing its identity as a wine cask.

More of Wine Themed Big Things

The Big Wine Cask may be gone, but several other wine-themed Big Things still stand. 

For example, the Big Wine Barrel in Hanwood is a walk-in wine cellar, allowing visitors to taste some of the best wines produced by the winery. Other examples of similar structures include the Big Wine Bottle in Pokolbin, NSW, the Big Barrell in Bundaberg, QLD, the Big Wine Bottle in Daly Waters, NT, and the Big Church Block Bottle in McLaren Vale.

Other than wine, beers and other drinks also feature in the list of Big Things, as highlighted below: 

  • The Big Beer Can in Cobar, NSW – Built as a tourist attraction. 
  • The Big Rum Bottle in Bundaberg, QLD – Constructed as a pavilion for Bundaberg Distilling Company at the 1988 World Expo. 
  • The Big Beer Can in Ghan, NT – Advertises beers from different breweries in the region and beyond. 
  • The Big Slurpee Cup in Coffs Harbour, NSW – Built to promote a new Slurpee from 7Eleven.
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