The Big Wine Barrel in Hanwood

the big wine barrel is a scaled replica of an actual barrel
The Big Wine Barrel in Hanwood (Source: TripAdvisor)

The Story of The Big Wine Barrel

The Big Wine Barrel is found at McWilliam’s Wine Hanwood Estate, Hanwood, New South Wales. It is a scaled replica of a wine barrel complete with hoops and staves built into a cellar door where visitors have a wine tasting experience of a lifetime.

McWilliam’s Wine Hanwood Estate has been around since 1917, surviving through the management of family members over six generations. The winery produces some of Australia’s award-winning wines, which are also on display inside the Big Wine Barrel.

The oversized wine barrel was designed by Glen McWilliams and completed in 1973. The front part is made of a glass wall that displays beautiful murals from the inside. A statue of the founder, JJ McWilliam, who started the winery over 100 years ago, sits in the front yard. His commitment to the business earned him recognition as the pioneer of the winery industry in the Riverina region.

Apart from wine tasting, visitors of the winery and the Big Wine Barrel can experience the wine-making process, starting from picking fruits using modern machinery from the vineyard to wine preservation. The serene environment also provides visitors with picnic areas to relax and enjoy the view of the estate. 

Other Wine-Themed Big Things Of Australia 

Wines are well represented in the list of Big Things. For instance, you’ll find another Big Barrel in Bundaberg, Queensland, which acts as a gift and bottle shop. Other wine-themed Big Things across the country include:

  • The Big Wine Bottle in Pokolbin, NSW, and Daly Waters, NT
  • The Big Wine Cask in Mourquong, NSW
  • The Big Church Block Bottle, McLaren Vale SA

Additionally, other refreshments, such as beer, also feature in the list. For more information, read about the Big Beer Can in Cobar or Ghan and the Big Slurpee in Coffs Harbor.

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