Welcome to the Big Things of Australia, a celebration of the unique and iconic landmarks that define this amazing country. From towering sculptures to oversized structures, these landmarks have become symbols of Australia’s rich culture, history, and spirit.

Big Things of Australia was founded in 2020 with a vision to showcase the stories behind these iconic landmarks, highlighting their significance and impact on local communities. From the famous Big Banana in Coffs Harbour to the quirky Big Pineapple in Nambour, each landmark has its own unique history and story to tell.

Whether you’re a tourist visiting Australia for the first time or a lifelong resident, we believe that the big things in this country are a must-see. From the east coast to the west, these landmarks offer a fun and memorable experience for all ages.

So come explore the big things in Australia with us, and discover why these landmarks are truly one-of-a-kind.