The Big Swan in Dunedoo

The Big Swan

The Big Swan that sits atop the Swan Motel is one of Australia’s many Big Things. This enormous swan sculpture is located along Bolaro St. Dunedoo, New South Wales. Although the Big Swan is not as huge as many of Australia’s big things, it stands out as a mascot for the hotel and a symbol of the town. 

The Big Swan in Dunedoo
The Big Swan in Dunedoo (Source: Creative Commons)

Dunedoo is a small village within the Warrumbungle Shire, New South Wales. The village’s name has a meaning; the first four letters sound almost the same as the word ‘Dunny,’ Australian slang for toilet.

The town once proposed to build an iconic public toilet deriving from its controversial name. The proposed plan involved constructing a colossal toilet and naming it the ‘Big Dunny.’ 

Unfortunately, the town couldn’t agree on the issue, and they never built the proposed toilet. Conversely, it is also believed that the name may have originated from the region’s native language, Wiradjuri

Swans are so common in Dunedoo; the local rugby team’s name, Dunedoo Swans, was inspired by these flying birds. The team plays in the Castlereagh Cup rugby league and is famous for producing ex-St George and New South Wales centre Brian Johnston. 

Other Notable Big Things in New South Wales 

The state of New South Wales is home to some iconic Big Things of Australia. We’ve covered so many of them in the New South Wales section of our blog, and we would appreciate it if you checked them out.  

Some iconic Big Things in NSW include the Big Ant in Broken Hill, Big Apples in Tallong and Yerrinbool, Big Avocado in Duranbah, Big Beer Can in Cobar, Big Bogan in Nyngan, Big Bull in Wauchope, Big Bicycle in Chullora, and so much more. Lastly, it is impossible to list the Big Things in NSW without mentioning the Big Banana, the second-oldest Big Thing in Australia!

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