The Big Lamb in Guyra

The Big Lamb

The Big Lamb, another one of Australia’s obsession with the Big Things, was constructed in Guyra, New South Wales, in 1988 to promote the potato and lamb industries in the town. A closer look at the monument that stands off the New England Highway reveals a potato plant’s mosaic just beneath the lamb from both sides of the monument.

The Big Lamb in Guyra
The Big Lamb in Guyra (Source: Creative Commons

Even before the Big Lamb was mounted, Guyra residents organised the potato and lamb festival that later became one of the town’s tourist attractions. The week-long festival, which started as a small event for the town’s locals back in the day, now organises a host of activities every January. 

The event comprises music performances, movies, vintage and World War II vehicle displays, and various food outlets. Also, part of the money raised from the event goes to community organisations as donations.

In 2018, when the big lamb turned 30 years old, a huge crowd gathered at the site to celebrate the monument’s birthday, an event that was quite similar to the one held in 1988 when it was first unveiled. While unveiling the monument, the then Northern Tablelands MP Ray Chappell said that the big lamb was a symbol of the town’s productivity.

Unlike most of Australia’s big things, the big lamb was constructed on-site. A local farmer took an actual lamb to the sculptor to use it as a model for his work. The 12-week construction process, which also involved the locals, cost $6,000. 

If you ever plan to visit New South Wales, be sure to check out some of the state’s iconic Big Things. Other notable mentions include the 9 Big Apples, Ploddy the Dinosaur in Somersby, Big Avocado in Duranbah, Big Murray Cod in Tocumwal, Big Golden Guitar in Tamworth, Big Potato in Robertson, and many others.

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