The Big Stubby In Tewantin 

The Story of The Big Stubby

The Big Stubby was Queensland’s first Big Thing. Sadly, it no longer exists in physical form. However, it continues to live in the minds and hearts of Queensland residents many years later. 

Located in Tewantin, a rural town in The Shire of Noosa, this incredible piece of art consisted of thousands of beer bottles and stubbies. George and Muriel Clifford were the original owners of the House of Bottles, as the complex was famously referred to. 

This complex existed from 1966 to 2003, attracting both locals and visitors from all corners of the country. 

But the Big Stubby isn’t the only beer-inspired big thing in Australia. 

In Larrimah, Northern Territory, there’s also another gigantic stubby. The Big Stubby in Larrimah is an oversized replica of the Northern Territory Draught stubby. Unlike an ordinary stubby (Australian slang for a 375ml beer), the massive stubby in Larrimah can hold up to 2270ml, which is six times more. 

In Cobar, New South Wales, you’ll find the Big Beer Can sitting atop the entrance to The Grand Hotel. This enormous artificial beer can was named the world’s largest artificial beer can in 1991, having floored its rival in Munich. 

Australia’s love for beer can be witnessed in almost every town or city in the country. For example, in Northern Territory, the locality of Ghan is home to another massive beer can. It stands outside the Kulgera Roadhouse Motel, changing its identity countless times for marketing purposes. 

Then, there’s the mother of all beer-themed Big Things of Australia – the Big Barrel in Bundaberg. This oversized beer barrel is home to Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, the manufacturer of Australia’s famous Bundaberg Ginger Beer. It was constructed in 2005 to provide visitors with an insider’s tour of the brewery.

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