Cow on the Corner at Brunswick Junction 

The Cow on The Corner

There’s a cow sculpture standing at Brunswick Junction in Western Australia. This Fresian cow statue was built by the local lions club in honour of the region’s dairy industry. Famously nicknamed Daisy, she was unveiled by Tom Pearson in 1973. 

She measures two metres in length and around 1.5 metres high. Made of concrete and steel, Daisy proudly stands on a platform measuring 1.2 metres high. 

The statue cost $500 to build and took approximately two months to complete. Like many other big things in the country, Daisy has fallen victim to pranksters several times, having been repainted in different colours without her consent.  

But Daisy isn’t the only cow sculpture in Australia; she has friends all over the country. Here are some of her famous counterparts.

In Highfields, Queensland, there’s also another cow sculpture. It measures 12 metres long and 7.6 metres high. 

In Newhaven, Southern Victoria, you’ll find two massive cow statues grazing outside the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory.  

You’ll also find iconic bull sculptures all over Australia.  

Let’s begin with a trip to Birchip, Victoria, where the Big Mallee Bull stands proudly by the roadside. This massive sculpture was built in honour of a legendary bull that terrorized the residents of the Mallee Region many years ago. 

In Rockhampton, Central Queensland, you’ll find the Big Bulls, a collection of seven bulls located at Stockmans Corner. 

And then there’s the beloved Banana the Bullock, located in The Shire of Banana, Central Queensland. 
Wauchope, a town located in the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales, was home to the Big Bull for many years. The massive bull sculpture measured 12 metres high and 21 metres long. Unfortunately, it was pulled down in October 2017.

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