The Big Marron In Denmark 

Marron is the name given to two closely related crayfish species commonly found in Western Australia. At the Old Kent River Winery, located between Denmark and Walpole, you’ll find a giant Marron nicknamed ‘Rex of the River.’ 

Brief History of the Big Marron 

Mark Noack started by building a small dam to house these freshwater crays. As time went by, the demand and popularity of marron grew, prompting Mr Noack to build even more dams to match the increasing demand. Years later, the Big Marron was constructed to honour the thriving marron sales in the area.

Speaking of marron, these two endangered species are considered luxury products. As a result, marron fishing is hugely regulated and limited to a particular season. In addition, fishermen must have permits and limit their catch to a certain size. 

Other Seafood-Inspired Big Things of Australia 

If you love seafood, you’ll be thrilled to discover that there are many other similar Big Things across Australia. So let’s take a quick tour. 

Our journey to discovering seafood-inspired Big Things of Australia begins in Stanley, Tasmania, home of the Big Rock Lobster. The statue was built to honour a businessman’s son who died while rescuing an adventurer crossing the Bass Strait. 

Further north in Queensland, you’ll find the Big Crab in Miriam Vale. The massive crab statue sits atop a petrol station, advertising the delicious mud crab sandwiches sold inside the store underneath it.

Still in Queensland, there’s also the Big Crab in Cardwell, mounted atop the Seaview Cafe. 
We can’t end our countdown of seafood-inspired Big Things of Australia without mentioning the Big Prawn in Ballina, New South Wales. This oversized prawn holds the title of the world’s largest artificial prawn sculpture. And, from the look of its size, there’s no doubt that it will keep this record for many years to come.

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