The Big Meat Ant in Augathella

the big meat ant is seen crawling down a big pole
The Big Meat Ant in Augathella (Source: Postie Notes)

History of the Big Meat Ant 

The giant ant was constructed to attract tourists to the almost forgotten town. Its inspiration originated from a local football club famous in the 1960s for its aggressiveness in the field, just like meat ants. 

As expected, the team’s maroon jerseys and blue shorts matched the colours of a meat ant. 

The local football team brought so much attention to the town in its glory days. As a result, the Big Meat Ant was constructed hoping to achieve the same attention towards the town. 

The Construction Of The Big Meat Ant in Augathella

Artist Amanda Feher used brass, copper and steel to create the enormous sculpture. The final sculpture, which is one million times bigger than a real meat ant, measures 7.5 metres in length, while a real meat ant measures about 9 millimetres long on average.

Other Big Things of Australia Depicting Ants 

Other enormous ant sculptures in the list of Big Things of Australia include:

  • The Big Ant in Poochera South Australia. It represents the dinosaur ant species commonly found in the region.
  • The Big Ant in Broken Hill, New South Wales. It’s a symbol of the hardwork and commitment of Broken Hill miners. 

Several other insect-themed Big Things of Australia include:

The Big Funnel Web Spider in Jamberoo, New South Wales.

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