The Big G in Gracemere

The Big G in Gracemere (Source: Trip Bucket)


The Big G is an oversized letter G made from 5,000 kilograms of mild steel. You’ll find this structure at the entrance of the Gracemere Industrial Park located in Gracemere town in the Rockhampton region of Queensland.

The Gracemere Industrial Park sits on 25 hectares of land as part of the 1,300-hectare Greenmere Industrial Area. The area caters for the industrial needs of the Rockhampton region, including Central Queensland. 

Design and Construction Of the Big G

Gibbs Group is the company behind the design and construction of the Big G. The company specializes in industrial logistics properties, business parks and office spaces.

The Big G in Gracemere Measurements

The Big G measures 5 by 6.6 metres in size. It’s also fixed with LED lights that light up at night to showcase the enorm

ous letter. 

Many Big Things in the country represent various businesses as mascots. For example, The Big Boot in Chermside, also known as the Big Shoe, has a history of serving several businesses since the 1960s. 

Doubling up as a roadside attraction, the Big Boot drew attention to a shoe company and ended up serving a restaurant, a nightclub, and a car shop before finally retiring.

Other Big Things of Australia that play the role of mascots for businesses across the country include:

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