The Giant Pocket Watch In Melbourne

The Giant Pocket Watch
The Giant Pocket Watch in Melbourne (Source: Postie Notes)

The Story of The Giant Pocket Watch

The Giant Pocket Watch in Melbourne hangs from the second level of the Melbourne Central Shopping Centre in Melbourne. At the top of every hour, a marionette display with Australian cockatoos, galahs, and two minstrels performing Waltzing Matilda descends from the bottom of the watch. 

However, the oversized pocket watch is not the only Big Thing of Australia located in Melbourne. Here are some other examples.

At the North-West end of the Bourke Street Mall, just outside the old General Post Office. You’ll find the giant Public Purse made of granite and steel. This massive purse has a realistic design and is often used by visitors and locals as a public seat. While some people try to open the purse, unfortunately, it’s been completely sealed, making it impossible to open.

Although not located in Melbourne’s Central Business District, the Big Coffee Maker is yet another oversized sculpture found in Melbourne. This gigantic coffee maker serves as a mascot for a coffee business and also doubles up as a roadside attraction.

Other iconic Big Things of Australia located in Melbourne include:

  • The Time Machine in Melbourne
  • The Big Flower 
  • The Big Bees
  • The Big Petition 
  • The Big Pocket Watch
  • The Big Bird
  • The Lac Bird Gate

If you love watches and clocks, you can also check out the World’s Largest Wooden Pendulum Clock, located in Nannup. The 6-metre pendulum clock was built by Kevin Bird, unveiled in January 2019 and then taken down five months later.

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