The Big Golf Ball in Broadbeach

the big golf ball with a smiling face painted on it sitting on top of a pole
The Big Golf Ball in Broadbeach (Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Big Golf Ball

Located in the City of Gold Coast, Queensland, is one of Australia’s Big Things in the form of a golf ball. This giant golf structure stands along the Old Highway One, also known as Gold Coast Highway, near the Putt-Putt Golf Mermaid Beach entrance. 

The three-themed Putt-Putt golf course is a fun, 18-hole miniature golf course. It features a kid’s play area where they can experience a walk through the jungle, play video games, among many other fun activities. The golf course provides a breathtaking view at night when it lights up to display the themes of the beach, the golf course, and the jungle. 

The Big Golf Ball at the entrance does an excellent job marketing the mini-golf course. It keeps changing appearances to mimic funny faces, such as emojis. Currently, it wears a fun face emoji. The city of Gold Coast is known for its beaches and fun way of life, making the Putt-Putt Golf Mermaid Beach a perfect blend with the local community.

The State of Queensland boasts many famous Big Things. Apart from the Big Golf Ball, Queensland is also home to the Big Crocodiles, Big Cassowary, Big Peanut, Big Barramundi, Big Cane Toad, and so much more.  For more detailed coverage of Big Things in Queensland, please visit the Queensland page on our blog. 
The Big Golf Ball in Broadbeach has another one of its kind located in Heatherton, Victoria. Like its twin in Broadbeach, the Big Golf Ball in Heatherton reminds visitors of Victoria’s love for the sport of golf. The town has some of the most prominent golf clubs and courses in Australia that even host international tournaments.

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