The Big Beer Can in Cobar

the big beer can of tooheys new sitting on the canopy of a hotel
The Big Beer Can in Cobar (Source: Creative Commons)

The Big Beer Can

The Grand Hotel in Cobar, New South Wales, Australia, hosts the Big Beer Can atop its entrance. It was created as a tourist attraction, but quite unexpectedly, it attracted more than that. 

The 5-metre-tall can, constructed in 1990, immediately fetched a Guinness World Record for being the biggest beer can in the world in 1991, snatching the title away from a Munich-based Big Beer Can that was half the size.

Currently, it advertizes Tooheys New beer brand. You would need up to 22,000 litres of real beer to fill the Big Beer Can. Initially, it promoted the brand’s Draught beer. 

This Guinness world record holder cost the KML industries $10,000. The structure was too huge to be constructed inside the company’s workshop, forcing the work to be done in their yard. They later transported the final structure and then hoisted it onto the hotel’s canopy.

The locals love the Big Beer Can

The Big Beer Can was crowned the winner of a Facebook competition for Australia’s greatest “Big” attraction. The poll, run in 2020 by Let’s Go Caravan and Camping, an organization committed to placing Australia’s tourism attractions on the map, consisted of the Big Beer Can and 15 other neighbouring Big Things. 

After several rounds of paired contenders, Cobar took home the title after flooring the Big Lobster in the final round. Coborn’s Big Beer Can garnered over 15,500 votes out of over 44,000. 

Other Big Things in New South Wales

New South Wales is home to several other iconic Big Things worth checking out. Examples include the famous Big Banana in Coffs Harbour (the second-oldest Big Thing in Australia), Big Apples in Tallong and Yerrinbool, Big Avocado in Duranbah, Big Axe in Kew, Big Bogan in Nyngan, etc. To view a list of Big Things in NSW, please head over to our blog’s New South Wales section.

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