The Big Cherries In Young

The Big Cherries in Young consists of several oversized cherry sculptures found in Young, New South Wales. Here’s all you need to know about these giant fruits. 

Young is a town along Olympic Highway in New South Wales, inhabited by slightly more than 10,000 people. The town is famously known as the Cherry Capital of Australia.

the big cherries in young -large red cherries dangling from a wooden structure
Big Cherries in Young. (Source: Creative Commons)

Location of the Big Cherries

In 1987, one of the Big Cherries sculptures was unveiled in Young. Originally, it was located off Short Street before moving with the tourist information centre to Lovell Street. 

At the entrance of the town, Big Cherries dangle in the air from a stalk mounted on Y-shaped support.

Actually, just below the Big Cherries, there is a sign that reads:

“Welcome to Young, the Cherry Capital of Australia.”

Another one of the sculptures can be found mounted outside a roadside coffee shop along the Olympic Highway. It stands 3.6 metres tall. 

The sculpture also supports a small billboard that lists some of the cherry-made snacks sold at the coffee shop.

Every year, the residents of Young hold an early National Cherry Festival, attracting visitors from all over. The festival honours Cherry farming, the town’s main economic activity.

At the festival, visitors can dance, sing along to great music, watch spectacular fireworks, and join the numerous parades. Festivalgoers can also learn how to pick cherries by themselves or buy them from the freshly picked cherries displayed at the many orchard stalls at the festival.

The fruity affair with the Big Things of Australia is quite evident across the nation; you’ll find many fruit-shaped sculptures in different parts of the country. Some popular examples include: 

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