The Big Pool Ball in Yarralumla

the big pool ball is a giant replica of a real pool ball. it is pink with the number 2 on it
The big pool ball

The Big Pool Ball

The Yarralumla Play Station in the Australian Capital Territory is home to the Big Pool Ball. This oversized pool ball measures 1.8 metres wide, stands 178 centimetres high and resembles a solid 2 of the pool balls. 

Contrary to the blue colour of the normal solid 2 pool balls, this Big Pool Ball is purple. It is also relatively new in the family of Big Things of Australia as it was unveiled in 2019. 

The Yarralumla Play Station features one of the largest miniature golf courses in Australia and several other fun activities suitable for children and parents.

Here’s all you need to know about this play station. 

Features of the Yarralumla Play Station

The Yarralumla Play Station has been in existence since 1973 and features the old Weston Park Miniature Railway. The station’s new owners recently gave it a facelift, adding a few more fun features. 

Three old circa carriages from 1912 were restored specifically for functions and events. They now add to the Bluebell train that takes you through a nine-minute ride in the Western Park. 

There is also a mini animal farm where you will find a miniature cow, ponies, sheep, alpacas, and other small friendly animals roaming freely at the Farm Station.

At the Station Stop Cafe, you will love sampling the ice cream, coffee, freshly baked pastries, chef-prepared food, and a special kid-friendly menu.

The Big Pool Ball has a close similarity to the Big Golf Ball in Broadbeach, Queensland; they both have a Big Ball, a miniature golf course, and a park.

There are several other Big Things of Australia in the shape of a ball. Here are some great examples:

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