The Big Brolgas and Snake Near Mackay

An elderly man standing near the big brolgas and snake
The Big Brolgas and Snake near Mackay (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Story of The Big Brolgas and Snake

The Big Brolgas and Snake sculptures near Mackay represent the snakes and brolgas commonly found in the region. The huge serpent and bird sculpture welcome visitors to Mackay, their home, especially during warm weather

Mackay city is located in the Mackay region on the Coral Sea coast of Queensland. However, it is not clear whether it is located in the Central or North part of the state because both governments provide services to the region. 

Over 30 species of snakes inhabit the Mackay region. So if you have ophidiophobia (extreme fear of snakes), you won’t fancy a trip to Mackay.

But, you’ll probably be glad to find out that nature has its unique way of keeping such populations under control, which is why there’s a huge population of the brolgas, also called the Australian crane, in the same region. 

Interestingly, Brolgas feed on snakes, which explains their huge population in the Mackay region. In addition, these grey birds also eat insects, seeds, molluscs, lizards, crustaceans and frogs. 

A good number of Mackay locals seem to have become familiar with these reptiles. For example, a Facebook page called Snakes of Mackay region is dedicated to educating locals and visitors about the different species found in the region. 
However, Mackay is not all about snakes; the region is known to the rest of Australia as the ‘sugar capital‘, producing one-third of the country’s sugar. Speaking of sugarcane, you can also check out the interesting story of the Big Cane Toad in Sarina, Queensland, and how it found its way into the region. 

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