The Big Deck Chair in Winton

the big deck chair sits next to many normal sized chairs
The Big Deck Chair could be the world’s biggest. Source: Postie Notes.

The History of The Big Deck Chair

The Big Deck Chair in Winton is yet to be declared the World’s Biggest Deck Chair. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

The Big Deck Chair is an unofficial ‘World’s Biggest Deckchair.’ This oversized deck chair is located at the open air Royal Theatre in Winton, Queensland.

The chair was initially constructed for an event in Victoria in 2002 by the Free Masons Taskforce. Its construction was probably inspired by another fascinating oversized deck chair in Mildura, Victoria. However, the Victorian deck chair is only two thirds as big as the one in Winton.

The Big Deck Chair’s owners reportedly didn’t know what to do with it. Then, one day, a task force member found out about the open air theatre while visiting Winton and thought it would make the perfect home for the gigantic chair. 

In 2005, the massive chair was finally donated to the century-old theatre. At its new location, the enormous chair met others of its kind but standard-sized. 

Away from deck chairs, the Big Bench, located in Broken Hill, New South Wales, also makes it to the list of furniture-inspired Big Things. It was constructed on top of a hill formed from a heap of mineral debris from the Line of Lode mines. The Big Bench is a perfect spot for photography for locals and tourists, offering a panoramic view of the landscape. 

As mentioned earlier, the Big Deck Chair is not an official Guinness World Record holder. But some Big Things have already found their way into the famous book of records. Examples include: 

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