The Big Bowling Pin in Maryborough

The Big bowling pin in Maryborough
The bowling pin stands tall and proud. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The History of The Big Bowling Pin

The Big Bowling Pin is located outside Maryborough Tenpin Bowl, at the Quarry Court, Maryborough, Queensland. 

The Maryborough Tenpin Bowl bowling centre dates back to 1984 when it was famously known as the ‘Sugar Coast Lanes’ and operated by a mother-and-son duo, Mary Bates and Andrew. 

The memorable tournaments aside, the club members also took part in fundraisers to support community programs. At one time, the centre organized a 36-hour bowl-a-thon for a fundraiser. 

The centre, once a family business, was later handed over to new owners in 1996. Since then, it has changed hands about four times.

Most members of Sugar Coast Lanes have fond memories of the good old days at the bowling centre. Mary Bates, who continued to work at the centre after the handover, organized a reunion for the old club members in 2017 and kept a scrapbook and pictures of the good old days. 

Quite commendably, the bowling centre also organizes leagues for kids, adults, and disabled bowlers in their community.

Away from the Big Bowling Pin, you’ll also love reading about the Big Bowl in Lake Cathie, New South Wales, a world record holder for being the world’s largest of its kind.  

Queensland is home to numerous Big Things of Australia. The most famous include:

Speaking about Big Things celebrating sports, you’ll find quite a number in Queensland. The Big Bowling Pin aside, other sports-inspired Big Things in Queensland include:

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