The Big Bobtail Lizard in Port Lincoln

the big bobtail lizard sculpture in a park
Big Bobtail Lizard in Port Lincoln (Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Big Bobtail Lizard

The love for Australia’s Big Things takes us to a triangular peninsula in South Australia called the Eyre Peninsula. Here, you will find the Big Bobtail lizard outside the Kuju Aboriginal Arts Center in Port Lincoln.

The arid and semi-arid regions of South Australia, such as Port Lincoln, provide the perfect home for the blue-tongued bobtail lizards and other lizard species of their kind. The lizards are known to expose their blue tongues and hiss when they feel threatened, but they are generally harmless.

There is also another Big Bobtail lizard in Stirk Street, Kalamunda, Perth. Erected in 2012, the giant lizard sculpture measures 9 metres x 1.3 metres. 

Interestingly, the bobtail lizards only have one mating partner for their whole life and can live up to 50 years. Unlike other reptiles, bobtail lizards give birth to live young ones and can have multiple births too.  

The Eyre Peninsula is also home to the Big Ant in Poochera, an iconic structure that celebrates a distinctive ant species not found anywhere else. Many evolutionary biologists and entomologists visit the area to research the rare ant species that is said to date back to at least 70 million years ago.

Some Big Things of Australia have been constructed to celebrate unique species of animals found in this part of the world. Apart from the Big Bobtail Lizard and the Big Ant in Poochera, there is also the Big Platypus in Latrobe. The platypus sculpture celebrates this unique egg-laying mammal native to Australia. Another Big Ant in Broken Hill depicts a rare ant species referred to as the bull ant, also native to Australia.

Our blog provides everything you need to know about the Big Things of Australia. If you intend to visit South Australia anytime soon and love the Big Things, you can learn more about them by visiting this page on our blog.

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