The Big Bicycle In Chullora

The Big Bicycle made out of recycled materials outside a recycling centre
The Big Bicycle in Chullora, New South Wales (Source: Wikipedia)

The Big Bicycle

The Big Bicycle is found in Chullora, a suburb in Canterbury-Bankstown, New South Wales. It is located outside the Chullora Waste Transfer Station and measures 9 metres long and 6 metres high. 

The bicycle, consisting of recycled materials, was built in 1997 by Andy Lugiz, John Ridley, and Philip Becker.  

About Chullora 

The name ‘Chullora’ derives from an Australian native tribe, meaning ‘flour’, following the construction of the Tip Top Bakeries in the area. The bakery, formed in 1949 after George Weston Pty Ltd acquired Gartrell White Ltd of Sydney, the largest baker in Australia and Golden Crust Bakery of Adelaide, the largest bakers in South Australia.

As an industrial town, Chullora is also mindful of its waste management. The suburb is home to many factories and industries, including two of Sydney’s most prominent newspapers Fairfax and News Limited. 

With such richness in industrial activity, waste management is an important part of the suburb – the construction of the Big Bicycle clearly demonstrates it.

At the Chullora Waste Transfer Station, different types of waste collected from within the suburb are organized and recycled. Those that cannot be recycled are also set aside and transferred to landfills for disposal. The station also processes organic waste, approximately 30,000 tonnes a year, that goes back to different markets in the area. 

Other Big Things In New South Wales 

The symbolic Big Bicycle in Chullora is not the only Big Thing in New South Wales. Other notable mentions include the Big Lamb in Guyra, the Big Potato in Robertson, the Big Murray Cod in Tocumwal, and many others.
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