The Big Barrel in Bundaberg

the big barrel in Bundaberg looks like half a barrel coming out of the ground
The Big Barrel in Bundaberg. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, best known for the Bundaberg Ginger Beer, is also home to the Big Barrel. Here’s all you need to know about the Big Barrel in Bundaberg, Queensland.

A Brief History of the Brewery and the Big Barrel

The brewery is a family-owned business managed by several generations. The idea of the brewery began when a couple, together with their son and daughter in law, acquired the Electra Breweries Bundaberg bottling and fermentation business in 1960.  

Initially, the brewery manufactured and sold franchised drinks to the local market. Later in the 1980s, the production of their signature beer expanded to newer markets within Australia and New Zealand. Currently, the brewery is well-known both locally and internationally for its trademark Australian Ginger Beer

The Big Barrel was built in 2005 as a tourist attraction. The enormous barrel-shaped structure also doubles up as a tasting bar and an interactive display of the brewery’s archives. 

At the brewery, visitors can also enjoy a taste of 19 different drinks, including the signature ginger beer. Additionally, they can select six of their favourite drinks for their cocktails and customize their own labels on their bottles.

At the Big Barrel, visitors also learn the preparation processes for various refreshments while having fun playing ‘Guess the Flavour’ at the smellography wall.

Other Similar Big Things of Australia 

Another similar Big Thing can be found at McWilliam’s Wine Hanwood Estate, Hanwood, New South Wales. 
The structure is built like a wine barrel and doubles up as a wine cellar where visitors enjoy wine tasting as they learn more about the winery. The Big Wine Barrel in Hanwood is also located within a vast family-owned wine estate dating back to 1917.

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