The Big Rabbit Trap in Albert

the big rabbit trap sits on top of the entrance to a pub in Albert
The Big Rabbit Trap in Albert (Source: Facebook)

The Fascinating Story of The Big Rabbit Trap

The Big Rabbit Trap is set atop the Rabbit Trap Hotel in Albert, New South Wales. Albert is a little town in the Central West region of New South Wales.

Because of its size and location, Albert needed something that would attract visitors to the area. The idea of a Big Thing paved the way for the construction of the Big Rabbit Trap, which was placed atop the town’s only pub

Albert has been struggling in the recent past, thanks to a drastic population drop and a loss of essential businesses and services. Severe drought, commonly experienced in this region, is believed to be the cause of the dwindling population, given that it discourages farmers and locals from investing in the town. 

The idea of the Big Rabbit Trap conveyed hope to the surviving locals by painting a different image of the town that would have otherwise been abandoned. The pub where the massive trap was mounted became a famous meeting point for the locals and visitors.

The hotel owners planned to make well-deserved preparations for the Rabbit Trap before its arrival in 2013. They thought it would be nice to build performing stages and the necessary infrastructure in the pub for local musicians to perform. The grand dream was to have a place capable of hosting a music festival.

Albert’s story of resilience attracted the media’s attention and was featured on a TV show, a rural magazine, and a daily newspaper in Sydney. The Big Rabbit Trap managed to trap the attention the town needed for its survival. 

Albert was once known for copper mining. In the 20th century, the town had several copper mines, including the famous Iron Duke Mine in the early 1900s. Back then, the town was known as ‘Albert Water Holes’ before being renamed ‘Albert.’

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