Unleashing the Beast: The Story of Kiama’s Big Poo

Australia has amazed the world with its extravagant, creative and oversized sculptures. The idea of a Big Poo may sound far-fetched, but you will find one in Kiama, New South Wales. 

The Amazing Story of The Big Poo!

It was built in 2002 by the town’s residents to protest against a decision by Sydney Water, the company that provides wastewater management services, among other water services in the region. The Big Poo was commissioned by Ian Cohen, a former member of the New South Wales Parliament. 

Cohen was protesting against the Gerringong and Gerroa Sewerage Scheme, a proposal backed by Sydney Water. The proposal allowed effluent from the towns covered in the scheme to be dumped in the nearby sea. 

the big poo is a poo like structure of great size with the words "the big poo" attached to it
The Big Poo in Kiama (Source: Facebook)

On the contrary, Cohen wanted to have the effluent treated and reused by local farming communities for various purposes, such as watering their gardens during dry seasons.

The locals used foam to create the five-meter long sculpture, making it easier to shift locations as deemed necessary and also float on water. The Big Poo has been seen on several beaches over the years. 

For example, it occupied a temporary residence at the Ford Oval toilet block in Merimbula’s Main Beach after being loaned by the Clean Ocean Foundation.

The foundation also promoted waste recycling, hoping the Big Poo would help people understand the importance of recycled effluent to the local economy. The foundation aimed to raise awareness and funds to upgrade and create waste recycling strategies instead of the outfall pipeline idea.

Protesters believe that the conspicuous Big Poo symbolizes what should not end up in the ocean water. As it shifts location, more people are becoming increasingly aware of the campaign against environmental pollution championed by the massive poo structure.

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