The Big Mosquito in Hexham

the big mosquito is a giant mosquito sculpture on top of a sign post
The Big Mosquito in Hexham. Source: Creative Commons

The History of The Big Mosquito

The Big Mosquito also goes by the name Big Mozzie or Ossie the Mozzie. It is found in Hexham, a suburb of the city of Newcastle, New South Wales.

Like many other Big Things of Australia, Big Mozzie is also a roadside attraction standing only a few metres from the Pacific Highway in Hexham. Built in 1994, the Big Mosquito is the symbol of the Hexham Bowling Club.

The construction of the giant mosquito cost $17,200. Its initial colour was grey, like the Hexham grey mosquito, which was once common in the area. Ossie the Mozzie has undergone several transformations ever since, abandoning its plain grey colour to become more colourful.

The Big Mosquito received its first transformation between 2004 and 2005 to fix damages caused by some elements and other insects over the years. Its second makeover was in 2008, followed by the third in 2010.

During the expansion of the Pacific Highway, the Roads and Maritime Service requested that the Big Mosquito be moved four metres away from the road to give room for the new highway. In the process, Big Mozzie got yet another colourful makeover. It now has glowing green eyes, a neon nose, and a red belly. 

Still visible from the Pacific Highway, the Big Mosquito now adds some lively lighting to the visitors of the club and drivers along the highway. 

The Big Mosquito in Hexham isn’t the only Big Thing in Australia in the form of an insect. Other great examples include: 

  • The Big Bagong Moths in Acton, built to honour the Ngunnawal people. 
  • The Big Ant in Poochera, South Australia, built to celebrate the rare dinosaur aunt. 
  • The Big Ant in Broken Hill, New South Wales, constructed to remember the hard-working miners in the region and the popularity of the bull ant. 
  • The Big Bee in Kingscote, South Australia, built to celebrate the Island’s bee-farming culture.
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