The Big Miner’s Lamp in Bowenfels

the big miner's lamp is a tourist information centre
The Big Miner’s Lamp in Bowernfels. Source: Creative Commons.

The Story of The Big Miner’s Lamp

The Big Miner’s Lamp is found in Lithgow, a small town in Bowenfels, New South Wales. It also goes by the name Big Miner’s Lantern.

This huge lamp is one of Australia’s practical Big Things. It functions as a museum and houses the town’s Tourist Information Centre. Visitors can also buy souvenirs and gifts from the centre and book accommodation and tour guiding services.

At the Tourist Information Centre, visitors learn a lot about the locals and the town itself. Coal mining in Lithgow played a vital role in the region’s development, specifically the Great Western Railway.

Back then, miners used lantern lamps for lighting in the dark mining tunnels. Therefore, the Big Miner’s Lantern is a reminder of the coal mining activity that built the region’s economic foundation.

Lithgow has a beautiful landscape and is home to various national parks, World Heritage Areas, and canyons that attract many visitors every year. Due to the town’s popularity, the local Tourist Information Centre operates 8 hours daily.

Not all of the iconic Big Things of Australia are found by the roadside. Like the Big Miner’s Lamp, quite a number of them are found in museums or Tourist Information Centres across the country. Here are some examples:

There are also several other Big Things linked to mining activities in Australia. Here is a list of a few:

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