The Big Periodic Table In Joondalup 

the big periodic table
The Big Periodic Table (Source: Chemistry World)

If you love chemistry and everything to do with periodic tables, you’ll probably appreciate the fact that there’s a gigantic periodic table in Joondalup, Western Australia. The Big Periodic table holds the title of the world’s largest of its kind.

Location of the Big Periodic Table 

You’ll find this oversized periodic table at Edith Cowen University, Joondalup campus. At the campus, go to the science area, precisely building 19, and you’ll find this giant periodic table. 

Professor Steve Chapman was the man behind the idea of the Joondalup period table, measuring 662 square metres. There’s also another massive periodic table located at Spain’s University of Murcia. However, the periodic table in Joondalup is up to four times bigger than the one in Spain.

Western Australia is no stranger to science-inspired Big Things. For instance, in Denmark, WA, you’ll also find the Bert Bolle Barometer. Like the periodic table, the Bert Bolle Barometer also holds the record of the world’s largest barometer. 

These two aren’t the only Big Things in Western Australia that hold the title of the ‘world’s largest.’ In Nannup, there’s also the world’s largest wooden pendulum clock. 

The clock was built by Kevin Bird and opened to the public in January 2019. It was then removed in May 2019, leaving behind the building. 

It joins the extensive list of iconic Big Things found in Western Australia. Other examples include: 

The Leeuwin Way Whale is located in Eucla. The massive whale sculpture measures 10 metres long and 3 metres wide. 

The Giant Ram in Wagin is also yet another popular Big Thing of Western Australia. Built by sculptor Andrew Hickson to celebrate the local wood industry, this massive ram statue was launched on May 9, 1985.

Still in Western Australia, you’ll find The Big Prawn in Learmonth, The Big Mushroom in Balingup, The World’s Tallest Bin, The Big Bobtail Lizard, among others. 

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