The Biggest Smallest Town In Mullumbimby

The Biggest Smallest Town in Mullumbimby
The Biggest Smallest Town in Mullumbimby (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Biggest Smallest Town

Mullumbimby made its way to the list of Big Things for oddly being the Biggest Smallest Town in Australia. A 20-minute drive from Byron Bay will take you to this Little Town, fondly known as “Mullum” by its locals. Described as a Scenic Little Town, Mullum is a town well decorated with its uniqueness and counterculture. Here is a short history of the Biggest Smallest Town in Australia.

The History of Mullumbimby

Mullumbimby was built in the 1850s, emanating from the British Camp establishment at the junction of three arms of the Brunswick River. The Bundjalung people of the aboriginal tribes of Australia originally occupied the town.  

The town’s name originates from the aboriginal tribe believed to be referencing Mount Chincogan. Other people believe that it refers to a small rounded hill called Mulubinba, along Mainarm Road. All the same, these hills, rivers, and the 260-metre-high Mount Chincogan make up the beauty of the Small Town.

Locals of the town adopted a counterculture in the 70s that grew to become the town’s identity. Mullum stood as a separate municipality from 1908, until the 1980s, when it was placed under the Byron Shire. Today, Byron Shire is also a centre of alternative culture, having been influenced by the Mullumbimby locals.

This Biggest Smallest town is also known for farming with large cane fields, banana plantations and cattle keeping. During the 70s, when locals adopted a new culture, they also grew so much potent weed that earned the town the nickname “Mullum Madness“. 

You might actually think that the locals have lost their minds when you meet the large fig tree dressed in colourful knitwear on the first roundabout in the town. But, on the contrary, it reflects their love for art, portrayed in numerous crafts sold at different shops and art galleries within the town. Because of its uniqueness, Mullumbimby, the Biggest Smallest Town, has become an irresistible attraction for many tourists in New South Wales, and beyond.

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