The Big Wine Bottle in Daly Waters

the big wine bottle
The Big Wine Bottle in Daly Waters (Source: Australian Public tArt)

The Big Wine Bottle is fixed atop a vintage truck and parked at the Daly Waters Historic Pub. Located in Daly Waters, Northern Territory, here’s everything you need to know about this Big Thing of Australia. 

A Brief History of the Daly Waters Historic Pub

The iconic pub was opened in 1930 by Bill and Henrietta Pierce. The couple went against all odds to set up the pub in the outback. They survived many challenges, including cattle stampedes into the pub, drunken brawls, and shootouts. As a result, the owners almost gave up on the business. Moreover, they constantly received threats from the station owners who planned to vandalize the pub. 

Despite its rocky past, business at the pub is booming after conquering the challenges. Today the Big Wine Bottle markets the pub as a world-famous joint for beef and barra barbeque. Also, the hotel has a tradition of collecting souvenirs left behind by travellers using the Stuart Highway. 

The pub resembles a tiny old town featuring vintage items like an old camper van, classic cars and motorcycles, a small traffic light, and an old petrol station. The inspiration behind the pub is to bring to life the vintage feel of the past but with a pleasant experience.

Other Wine Themed Big Things

The Big Wine Bottle is just one of the many wine-themed Big Things in the country. For example, there is the Big Wine Barrel in Hanwood, New South Wales, built into walk-in wine cellars. It provides visitors with an opportunity to taste some of the finest award-winning wines produced by the winery where the Big Barrel is located.

You can also read the story of the Big Wine Cask in Mourquong, New South Wales.

Wine aside, other refreshments such as beer are also well-represented in the list of iconic Big Things of Australia. Examples include:

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