The Big Whale In Kinka Beach

the big whale
The Big Whale In Kinka Beach (Photo Credits: Postie Notes)

The Big Whale in Kinka Beach, Queensland, is one of the most creative Big Things of Australia you’ll ever come across or read about. The massive sculpture of a whale sits on the grass with its mouth wide open. 

The entrance to its mouth consists of large windows and a door. In its prime, the inside of the whale’s mouth hosted private storage facilities.

Size and Location of the Big Whale in Kinka Beach 

The Big Whale in Kinka Beach measures 12 metres long and 6 metres high. You’ll find it at the Coral Life Marineland, 1059 Scenic Highway, Kinka Beach, Queensland. It’s located south of Kinka Beach, right before Emu Park. 

Artist Kevin Logan built the massive whale sculpture as a tourist attraction in the region. Sadly, the whale is now abandoned and surrounded by overgrown grass. But even with the abandoned look, the Big Whale in Kinka beach is still an astonishing piece of artwork that showcases Australia’s creativity when it comes to the Big Things and their love for whales.

Speaking of Australia’s love for marine life, there’s yet another whale-inspired sculpture in Eucla, Western Australia. The Leeuwin Way Whale sits at a car park off the Eyre Highway. This massive whale sculpture, made of ferroconcrete, weighs approximately 4 tonnes and measures 10 metres long, 3 metres high and 3 metres wide. 

Approximately 45 kilometres southwest of Kinka Beach, you’ll find the Big Bulls of Rockhampton. These seven statues of bulls were designed and built by Hugh Anderson to celebrate beef farming in the region. Rockhampton, in particular, is famously referred to as the Beef Capital of Australia.

Still in Rockhampton, you’ll also find The Big Dugong, a massive sculpture of the sea mammal. Built in 1992, the Big Dugong symbolises the Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture. 
Other big whale sculptures in Australia can be found in Warrnambool (VIC), Hervey Bay(QLD), Port Stephens (NSW), Phillip Island (VIC) and Nullarbor Roadhouse (SA)

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