The Big Trout in Oberon

The big trout sculpture outside the big trout motor inn
The Big Trout in Oberon (Source: CreativeCommons

The Story of The Big Trout

The Big Trout sits outside the Big Trout Motor Inn, a licenced Chinese restaurant situated near lake Oberon, famously known for trout fishing in New South Wales.

The huge colourful fish sculpture became part of the famous restaurant a few days after it was officially opened. Erected in front of a mural wall with colourful paintings, the giant replica of a trout weighs 750 kilograms.

The original wall, built as extra reinforcement for the Big Trout, had started wearing down over the years. As a result, the owners decided to bring it down and have a new stronger wall built to offer better support to the massive fish sculpture.

The renovations cost AUD $30,000 and took around seven months to complete. The Big Trout statue was freshly repainted and reinstalled at the site when the renovations were complete. 

One signwriter, Mark Taylor, was commissioned to repaint the wall. Kevin McGrath, the former owner of the Big Trout Motor Inn allowed Taylor to decide on what objects he would paint on the wall.

Taylor thoughtfully decided to paint the Oberon Dam and the Oberon Railway Station, not forgetting a fisherman holding a huge trout. The final results embodied the region’s fishing activities while also celebrating the trout species and the love for the Big Things.

The Big Trout is a famous attraction for both locals and tourists. It is a colourful photo op and an iconic symbol of the town. 

Other Fish-Themed Big Things Of Australia 

Across Australia, you’ll find several other Big Things in the shape of different fish species. 

For example, you’ll find another Big Trout in Adaminaby, also in New South Wales. In addition, Australia is blessed with three famous Big Barramundi sculptures, two in Queensland and one in the Northern Territory. 

Other famous fish sculptures include:

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