The Big Scotsman in Adelaide, South Australia

Another one of Australia’s iconic Big Things is the Big Scotsman, fondly known as ‘Scotty’. The 5-metre tall statue stands at the corner of Nottage Terrace and Main North Road in Medindie, Adelaide, South Australia. 

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The Big Scotsman in Adelaide (Source: Creative Commons)

The structure was designed by Paul Kelly and constructed in 1963. It is the oldest of the Big Things of Australia. However, some people believe that the Big Banana in Coffs Habour, New South Wales, may have been the first big thing ever constructed in Australia.

There is at least a one-year difference between the time the two structures were launched. The Big Scotsman was unveiled in 1963 and the Big Banana in 1964.

About The Big Scotsman

Paul Kelly was commissioned to construct the Big Scotsman for an upcoming motel. The Scotsman sculpture project was initiated in October 1962 and unveiled in 1963. 

Paul Kelly’s art inspired the construction of the iconic Big Things of Australia. He later constructed the 17-metre tall Big Lobster in Rosetown, South Australia.

The Big Scotsman is made of a steel frame and covered in wire mesh. His outfit is made of hessian coated in fibreglass. The sculpture was then painted to depict the colours of a real Scotsman’s costume. 

The huge sculpture was constructed in three sections; the legs, chest, and head. Even though the historic statue has been around for more than half a century, it still looks just as good as it did in its early days. 

The reason for constructing the Big Scotsman was to bring attention to Scotty’s Motel, where the gigantic monument still stands. Following the construction of the big Scotsman, Adelaide became a hub of art in the region. 

The city of Adelaide, and the entire state of South Australia, are now best known for their creative arts through paintings, drawings, sculptures, and more creative art. South Australia is home to one of the largest art museums in Australia. 

If you are an art fanatic, you may enjoy the Big Scotsman standing tall at the ‘Scotty Corner’ and the various arts found in art galleries within the town.

Things to do in Medindie, Adelaide

The leafy suburb of Medindie may be small but has so much to offer to both locals and visitors. If you love the outdoors, the Glover Park playground is worth visiting.

You can also enjoy a movie date at the Piccadilly Cinemas, or sample some delicious food from the hotels in the region. Besides, the Big Scotsman sculpture stands outside a motel; wouldn’t it be amazing to spend the night there? If you enjoyed reading about the Big Scotsman, there are several other Big Things in South Australia that you may want to check out on our blog.

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