The Big Sausage King in Toowoomba

the big sausage king sculpture standing on top of a building
The Big Sausage King in Toowoomba (Source: Creative Commons)

The Big Sausage King

Like many of Australia’s Big Things, the Big Sausage King in Toowoomba, Centenary Heights, Queensland, was constructed as a mascot. It sits atop Gray’s Modern Meat Mart, a local chain of markets selling meats, specialty foods, beer and wine. The Big Sausage King depicts an oversized sausage, sandwiched between a slice of bread.

Back in the days, the 40 kg sausage sculpture could be seen squeezing a bottle of sauce on his head while holding a bottle of mustard on the other hand. However, he made headlines in 2010 when he suddenly disappeared from his favorite spot on the roof of Gray’s Modern Meat Mart. 

It was later discovered that he had been stolen by unknown culprits whose intentions were unknown. The news of his disappearance spread across the town. Consequently, the Big Sausage King owner announced a price for anyone who would find the stolen sculpture.

The package included a $500 cash price and a 10kg supply of sausages. Some suspects were apprehended and grilled at the Toowoomba Police Station, but there were no positive leads. 

The locals did not give up; they kept looking for the missing Big Sausage King. It was puzzling how such a big structure would go unnoticed for eleven months.

The search finally came to an end when four boys found the missing Big Sausage King in a local quarry. He was vandalized and dumped at the bottom of the cliff. The four boys took home their reward as Mark Nolan, the mascot’s owner, rescued the stolen statue.  

After a few repairs, the Big Sausage King reclaimed his position at the roof of Gray’s Modern Meat Mart. Notably, his left hand that held the mustard bottle was missing. However, even with the missing hand, the Big Sausage King still rules Toowoomba with its natural ability to attract both locals and visitors for a photoshoot.

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