The Big Mallee Fowl in Patchewollock 

Scuplture of the big Mallee Fowl
Big Mallee Fowl (Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Story of The Big Mallee Fowl

The Big Mallee Fowl sculptures are found in Patchewollock, northwestern Victoria. According to the 2016 census, the small town had a population of approximately 133 people.

The two structures represent two oversized Malleefowl standing around a gigantic mound nest. Installed in 2013 by artist Phil Rigg, you’ll find the two statues on the grounds of the old railway yards along Federation Street. 

Here’s a video showing the location of the Big Mallee Fowl in Patchewollock.

The Malleefowl is mostly found in the arid and semi-arid regions of Australia. These birds use external heat sources (decomposing vegetation during spring and heated sand in the summer) to hatch their eggs. 

Although a pair of Malleefowl can hatch up to 200 chicks in their lifetime, the species is threatened by extinction. Malleefowl constantly lose their homes to clearing and severe fragmentation of land in the region.

Additionally, some Malleefowl have died due to drought from forest fires and attacks from predators such as cats and foxes.  

The Big Mallee Fowl aside, there are several other birds in the list of The Big Things of Australia worth checking out. 

Here are a few examples:

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