The Big Cows in Newhaven

the big cows are sculptures outside a chocolate factory
The Big Cows in Newhaven. Source: Postie Notes

The Story of The Big Cows

The Big Things of Australia come in different shapes and forms. For example, in Newhaven, southern Victoria, you’ll find The Big Cows standing outside the Philip Island Chocolate Factory. While these two gigantic sculptures aren’t so popular all over Australia, they surely mean so much to the locals and, of course, many lovers of Australia’s Big Things. 

The two chocolate-coloured sculptures stand next to each other outside the factory. One appears to be feeding on grass, while the other stands closely, head slightly bent, probably welcoming visitors to the chocolate factory. 

Inside the chocolate factory, you’ll find a host of activities for you and your family. The facility offers a tour of its famous chocolate village, chocolate processing machines, the chocolate statue of David, the world’s largest chocolate waterfall, among others. 

The factory also comes with a retail shop that sells various types of chocolate made at the factory and a host of other chocolate-themed products. So basically, if you love chocolate, you’ll never run out of fun things to do (and lots of chocolate to eat) at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. 

Other Big Things of Australia Inspired by Cows

The Big Cows in Newhaven are not the only cow-inspired Big Things of Australia. 

In Highfields, Toowoomba, Queensland, you’ll find The Big Cow sculpture, which is currently under renovation. 

There’s also The Big Mallee Bull in Birchip, Banana the Bullock in Banana, The Big Bulls of Rockhampton, and The Big Bull in Wauchope

Additional Big Things in Newhaven

The Big Cows aside, Newhaven is also home to The Big Wave, a popular photo-op spot, where visitors can ride the ‘wave.’ This enormous wave sculpture is located at the Island Surf Experience, along Phillip Island Road.

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