The Big Peg in Canowindra

the big peg protrudes out of the ground in a field
The Big Peg in Canowindra. (Source: The Canowindra Phoenix)

The Story of The Big Peg

As you drive along Cargo Road in Canowindra, New South Wales, it is hard to miss The Big Peg. The huge metallic structure, which seems to be pinching a portion of the ground in The Stacey’s Property, has become a common attraction for motorists for photo ops. 

Pete Stacey, the owner of the giant peg structure, was inspired by the idea after seeing a similar structure in a field in Belgium. He then drew the image of a peg and scaled it up to the size that he wanted. 

Stacey needed a lending hand from a few friends to actualize his idea. First, he called up Jake Willis, who helped him construct and weld the huge metallic peg together. Then, after the structure was completed, another friend, Dan Bowman, helped Stacey and Willis transport it to the site and mounted it with concrete.

The Big Peg weighs 750 kilograms. According to Stacey, The Big Peg has become an iconic structure in the area. He is happy to know that visitors stop by the town to view the structure and take photos, and by doing so, they boost the local economy. 

Stacey is not yet done decorating The Big Peg as he hopes to make a few additions to the colossal structure. 

The Big Peg is one of its kind, although New South Wales is home to many more Big Things. Here is a list of some popular Big Things in this region. 

  • The Big Cheese in Bodalla, celebrating the local butter and cheese factory. 
  • The Big Bunch of Bananas in Coffs Harbour, built to celebrate banana farming in the region. 
  • The Big Bowl in Lake Cathie, the world’s largest bowl. 
  • The Big Broken Bench in Broken Hill, celebrating mining in the town. 
  • The Big Axe in Kew, built to commemorate the ‘timber getters’.
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