The World’s Tallest Bin in Kalgoorlie

The World's Tallest Bin
The World’s Tallest Bin in Kalgoorlie. (Source: Creative Commons) 

The World’s Tallest Bin

The self-proclaimed World’s Tallest Bin stands at the top end of Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, a city in Western Australia. This may not be the most noticeable or appealing Big Thing in Australia, but still, it makes a statement in the town. 

The bin is 8 metres high, making it almost impossible to throw anything inside it. It was built to remind locals to keep their town clean and take care of their environment.

According to Archives Development Officer Tim Moore, the ‘World’s Tallest Bin’ was built in 1980 for the Tidy Towns Competition. The competition was managed by a commission called ‘Keep the Kalgoorlie Town Kleen’, which constructed the bin using water supply pipes. The commission enlarged the giant bin to represent the face of the competition.

After its construction, local school kids painted the massive structure and labelled it the ‘World’s Tallest Bin’. 

There have been attempts to have this huge bin enter the World’s Guinness Book of Records as the world’s tallest. But that is yet to happen more than 30 years later. 

At the moment, it still stands tall and proud, frequently sparking debate among the locals on whether it should be trashed or treasured.

Other Big Things in Western Australia 

The World’s Tallest Bin in Kalgoorlie isn’t the only Big Thing in this part of the country; Western Australia has many other notable Big Things, such as the Big Camera, the Big Apples, and the Giant Ram. In this state, you’ll also find the Big Wheelbarrow in Port Hedland and the Leeuwin Way Whale in Eucla. 

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