The World’s Largest Rolling Pin in Wodonga

the world's largest rolling pin
The World’s Largest Rolling Pin in Wodonga (Photo Credits: Postie Notes)

The Story of The World’s Largest Rolling Pin

Wodonga, Victoria is home to the world’s largest rolling pin. The record-setting Big Thing of Australia has set the little town on the map, particularly Henri’s Bakery, where it sits atop the entrance. This iconic yet unique Big Thing of Australia is more than just the world’s largest rolling pin – it actually spins when the bakery is open!

Henry’s Bakery has been around for more than 50 years. Serving the locals and visitors six days a week, the business features a bakery, café and juice bar. 

The rolling pin in Wodonga is not the only Big Thing of Australia with such a prestigious title, though; many other Big Things of Australia have successfully made their way into the Guinness Book of Records.

Here are some examples of Big Things of Australia featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, including several self-proclaimed record breakers. 

Constructed in 2002, The Big Deck Chair in Winton, Queensland, is reportedly the world’s biggest deck chair. 

In Western Australia, you’ll find The World’s Tallest Bin in Kalgoorlie. Built in 1980 for the Tidy Towns Competition, the giant bin measures 8 metres high. Still in Western Australia, Joondalup is home to the world’s largest permanent period table, simply known as The Big Periodic Table. 

Additionally, Denmark, a coastal town in Western Australia, houses the Bert Bolle Barometer, the world’s largest barometer. It actually features in the Guinness Book of Records. 

Lastly, Western Australia is also home to the world’s largest wooden pendulum clock. Known as the Nannup Clock Tower, the huge pendulum clock is located in Nannup and measures over 6 metres tall. 
In Ballina, New South Wales, there’s The Big Prawn, a massive replica of a pawn. The gigantic sculpture holds the title of the World’s Largest Artificial Prawn, measuring 9 metres high.

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