The Giant Worm in Bass – The World’s Largest Earthworm

The Giant worm is a 100 metre building that looks like an earth worm. it has graffiti over the exterior and trees in the background
The Giant Worm in Bass (Photo Credits: Postie Notes)

If you have helminthophobia (fear of worms), you probably won’t appreciate the fact that there was a giant worm in Bass, a small rural town in Victoria. But this shouldn’t bother you anymore as the oversized worm no longer exists. 

A Brief History of The Giant Worm in Bass

The giant worm measured 100 metres long and sat at the Wildlife Wonderland Park. Inside the massive worm, there was a museum that celebrated the rare Giant Gippsland Earthworms. 

The museum was built by John Matthews in 1985 and sold in 2000. However, the new owners were ordered to shut it down following numerous accusations of wildlife neglect. 

In its heydays, visitors could crawl through a magnified replica of a worm burrow and a simulated worm’s stomach. The museum also featured various educational materials on the giant Gippsland earthworm and the history of Gippsland. 

The Giant Worm structure with works of art painted onto the exterior. One piece painted in blue features various birds
The Giant Worm featured many great pieces of art. (Photo credits: Wiki Commons)

About The Gippsland Earthworms 

The Gippsland earthworms are famous for their astonishing length, sometimes spanning three metres! They make up the list of more than 1000 earthworm species found in Australia. They are also famously known as karmai, a name that derives from the Boonwurrung language. 

These species of earthworms mostly live in the grasslands, in moist loamy soil. 

The Demolition of The Giant Worm

Eight years after the closure of the Wildlife Wonderland Park, the massive worm sculpture was finally demolished and reduced to a pile of rubble.

The Demise of The Giant Worm


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