The Giant Jumping Crocodile In Northern Territory

a sculpture of the giant jumping crocodile in the air
The Giant Jumping Crocodile in Northern Territory, Australia. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Giant Jumping Crocodile

Standing on its tail, the Giant Jumping Crocodile resides at the car park of The Original Adelaide River Queen Jumping Crocodile Cruises, off the Arnhem Highway, close to the Adelaide River.

This gigantic crocodile sculpture was built in 1984 near the Adelaide River, home to the huge salt water reptiles. While on a river tour, you may witness real crocodiles jumping out of the water, one of the most magical and memorable experiences in this part of the world. 

Salt water crocodiles are the country’s deadliest animals and the world’s largest crocodiles. They can live up to 80 years old and grow up to 7 metres long. Many Australians used to hunt crocodiles for their skin and meat before the 1970s when the country decided to protect these massive reptiles from extinction. 

These giant reptiles prefer murky waters, and despite being heavy, they can leap out of the water into the air with blazing speed to catch their prey, crushing it between their massive, powerful jaws. Although the Giant Jumping Crocodile resembles an ecstatic crocodile, it depicts a leaping crocodile out to catch prey.

Other Big Crocodiles In Queensland 

The Big Crocodiles in Queensland tell the history of crocodiles and crocodile hunting in Australia. There are three sculptures of these giant crocodiles, one in Wangetti, another in Normanton, and the third in Daintree; all three are coastal towns in Queensland.

The Big Crocodile in Wangetti, famously known as the Big Ted, has a captivating story of how a Polish woman killed an 8.6-metre long crocodile with one shot in the 1950s. Together with her husband, the couple was famously known for their crocodile hunting skills. They later became the first pioneers of crocodile conservation in the 1970s.

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