The Big Wave in Newhaven

the big wave
The Big Wave in Newhaven (Photo Credits: Postie Notes)

The Story of The Big Wave

The Big Wave in Newhaven, Victoria should be on your travel bucket list if you love optical illusions and surfing. Located on Phillip Island, this gigantic artificial wave is a popular photo point for both locals and visitors in the area. 

The giant life-like wave structure sits around 200 metres over the bridge from San Remo, outside the front entrance to Islantis Surfboards. It’s one of the most popular Big Things in the region and a darling of surfers who throng the island to enjoy the surrounding waters.

However, The Big Wave isn’t the only Big Thing of Australia located on Phillip Island; there’s also The Big Tap in Cowes and The Big Cows in Newhaven.

That makes Newhaven home to two iconic Big Things: The Big Wave and the Big Cows.

You’ll find The Big Cows grazing outside the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. At the chocolate factory, visitors can sample different chocolate-themed products, take pictures of the statue of David and the world’s largest chocolate waterfall, learn more about chocolate processing, and a host of other exciting activities.

Still, on Phillip Island, The Big Tap, located outside A Maze’N Things, is a must-see. The giant tap appears to fill water into the room beneath it. The furniture seems to be floating inside the room, and the room itself looks flooded. But all these fascinating sights are not real; they’re all optical illusions.

So if you’re a big fan of optical illusions, the entrance to A Maze’N Things, where The Big Tap proudly stands, is the place to be. You can also enjoy a host of other fun activities inside the premises. Examples include the puzzle island, magic major, maze, sky trail, and maxi mini-goal.

Newhaven is one of the best towns to visit on Phillip Island for nature lovers. And, if you ever need help finding your way around the town, including things to do, accommodation or anything else, be sure to check out the Philip Island Visitor Information Centre.

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