The Big Thermometer In Stanthorpe

The Story of The Big Thermometer

Stanthorpe is believed to be the coldest place in Queensland – the town often experiences snow between June and August. And there’s no better way to prove this than having a gigantic camera stationed next to the town’s visitor information centre. 

This huge thermometer, located at a scenic park, displays the local temperature to visitors in the town through a digital screen at the top of the thermometer. But that’s not even the most impressive thing about this incredible 10-metre invention; you can actually follow the thermometer’s reading online! Here’s how:

Head over to WeatherMaton. Click on Live Data and select Current Readings under the drop-down menu. Next to the Weather Station option, select Stanthorpe Big Thermometer from the drop-down menu. The new page will display the current air temperature in Stanthorpe. 

But, like most Big Things of Australia, the Big Thermometer also has its own fair share of controversy. For instance, the Bureau of Meteorology is yet to recognize the thermometer’s reading as accurate, raising questions as to whether Stanthorpe is indeed the coldest town in Queensland. 

Science and scientific instruments have been well-represented in the expansive list of Big Things of Australia. Let’s take a look at some famous examples of such instruments. 

In Denmark, Western Australia, there was the famous Bert Bolle Barometer. This oversized instrument held the record of being the largest barometer in the world. Unfortunately, it was removed from the Denmark Visitor Centre in 2011. 

In Penong, South Australia, the Big Windmill sits at the windmill museum. The windmill is widely considered the largest of its kind in Australia. 

There’s also another gigantic windmill in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. Built in 1972, the famous windmill has changed hands several times. Currently owned by Mark and Jodi Taylor, it now stands outside a 41-room motel and restaurant.

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