The Big Seat in Arthurs Seat

the big seat
The Big Seat in Arthurs Seat. (Source: Kathy Ball)

The Story of The Big Seat

Arthurs Seat is the peak of an old volcanic hill in the Mornington Peninsula, South of Melbourne, Victoria. This popular tourist attraction offers a panoramic view of the landscape and comes with its own Big Thing bearing the same name. Arthurs Seat, or simply the Big Seat, is an enormous chair built to revive an old tradition.

Before the Big Seat was mounted in 1989, two others of its kind sat atop the hill. However, these two vanished without a trace, leaving the locals with beautiful memories of the good old days when they loved sitting on the old chairs for a spectacular view of the terrain. 

The current Arthurs Seat is a favourite photo-op for hikers, although it no longer faces the mountain like its predecessors. Instead, the seat provides a fantastic view of the skyline while facing the Arthurs Seat Eagle skylift summit station.

While sitting on Arthurs Seat, you’ll see the golden beaches of Mornington, the Bellarine and Mornington peninsulas, Port Phillip Bay, stunning garden mazes, and the shiny glass towers of Melbourne. 

Other Huge Chairs in the list of Australia’s Big Things 

The Big Seat in Arthurs Seat isn’t the only one of its kind in the list of Australia’s Big Things. Here are some additional oversized chairs found in different states across the country. 

  • The Big Deck Chair in Winton, Queensland, a self-proclaimed World’s Biggest Deck Chair located at the open-air Royal Theatre in Winton. 
  • The Big Bench in Broken Hill, New South Wales. It sits atop a hill formed from mineral debris from the Line of Lode Mines. 
  • The Giant’s Chair in Mount Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria, offering a spectacular panoramic view of Melbourne. 
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