The Big Sapphire Ring in Sapphire

The Big Sapphire Ring exists as a reminder of the sapphire mining heritage in The Gemfields region.
The Big Sapphire Ring in Sapphire. (Source: PostieNotes)

The Story of The Big Sapphire Ring

The Big Sapphire ring is among the famous sapphire-themed Big Things of Australia found in The Gemfields locality. The beautiful ring is located outside Pat’s Gems Tourist Fossicking Park in Sapphire, Queensland.

Named after the gemstone, the town was once a hub for large-scale sapphire mining in the mid-1800s. Most of these precious gems were sold to wealthy and royal families in Europe and Russia. They used them to make special jewellery because of their unique aesthetic appeal and the belief that they had the power to protect their owners. 

The tourist park is one of the various spots in the town where visitors go for sapphire fossicking. In addition, it features a gallery that sells rings and jewellery made with gemstones, providing the perfect environment for family or group fun activities.

You’ll find more Big Things in the Gemfields region that celebrate and preserve the history of sapphire mining in the region. For example, the Big Pick, Shovel, and Sieve, located at another sapphire fossicking park in Sapphire, are reminders of the traditional sapphire mining tools used 

back in the days.

In Rubyvale, you will find the Big Miner located at an old mining site that offers guided tours into the old sapphire mines. This is yet another designated sapphire fossicking site within The Gemfields region. You’ll also find the Big Sapphire in Anakie located in front of a former visitors’ information center. 

Sapphire mining aside, Queensland is home to some of the most iconic Big Things of Australia. Some popular examples include:

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