The Big Rock Lobster in Stanley

the big rock lobster is a lobster sculpture on top of a restaurant
The Big Rock Lobster in Stanley (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Story of The Big Rock Lobster

The Big Rock Lobster sits atop Hursey Seafood along the Alexander Terrace in Stanley, northwest coast of Tasmania. This giant lobster is more than just a mascot for the region’s famous seafood restaurant.

Tasmania has a solid history of lobster fishing and Stanley is also one of the main fishing ports in the region. In addition, the town’s coastal climate provides the perfect habitat for different types of lobsters. 

The Tasmanian crayfish, in particular, is usually exported to international markets such as China, Japan, and the US. Thus, The Big Rock Lobster symbolizes the state’s commercial fishing industry that produces 26% of the country’s seafood

How The Big Rock Lobster was Born

Hursey Seafoods was born from the booming fleet of a fishing company in 1987. James Snr and Valerie Hursey owned the company after relocating to the region from Dover, southeast of Tasmania, in 1974.

The couple had a son called Patrick, who disappeared in the sea while rescuing an adventurer crossing the Bass Strait. They later established the restaurant and erected the enormous lobster in memory of their lost son.

The 100 capacity restaurant is now located on the upper floor of the building, providing scenic views of the shore. On the lower floor, there’s a beautiful, gigantic display of local fish in tanks and a lot more to learn about seafood.

Other Big Things in Tasmania

Tasmania is home to several other Big Things of Australia worth checking out, such as: 

Speaking of lobsters, there’s also another gigantic lobster sculpture in Kingston, South Australia. Nicknamed ‘Larry,’ the structure stands 17-metres tall!

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