The Colossal Wonder Down Under: Discovering Tasmania’s Big Platypus

The Big Platypus

Latrobe, a town north of Tasmania, is home to the Big Platypus, located outside Axeman’s Hall of Fame. The town was named after Charles Joseph La Trobe, an ex-administrator of the Tasmania colony.

The platypus is a unique mammal found in the rivers of Latrobe. Because of its unique physical appearance, the platypus stands out among other mammals. Here’s how. 

It has a duck-billed mouth and webbed feet that help it swim better and faster. Its body resembles a bush rat but comes with a shorter tail. In addition to these unique features, the platypus is an egg-laying mammal. 

the big platypus sculpture in a fenced area
The Big Platypus in Latrobe (Source: Creative Commons)

The Big Platypus sculpture is a tourist attraction in Tasmania. Legend has it that the platypus resulted from a secret affair between a water rat and a duck. Since it prefers hunting in the dark, the best time to spot a duck-billed platypus is believed to be at dawn or dusk.

In Latrobe, famously known as the Platypus Capital of the World‘, these egg-laying mammals can be found under the bridge at Axeman’s Hall of Fame, at the Warrawee Reserve, or Mersey River (the Platypus Pool). 

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Map of the Big Platypus

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Other than the Big Platypus in Latrobe, below are some notable Big Things in Tasmania worth seeing. 

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