The Big Ned Kelly in Warrenheip

The big ned kelly statue holding a gun
Big Ned Kelly in Warrenheip (Image credits: Postie Notes)

The Story of The Big Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly was one of Australia’s most storied gangsters in the 1880s. Born in December 1854, the Australian bushranger, gang leader, outlaw and convicted police-killer was reportedly behind numerous raids in Euroa, Jerilderie, and its surroundings. 

Long story short: after being found guilty of murder, theft, assault and armed robbery, the celebrated outlaw was executed on November 11, 1880, aged 25.

Many years later, the legend of Ned Kelly still lives on. In Warrenheip, his home state of Victoria, a gigantic Big Ned Kelly statue stands outside the Gold Rush Gold along the Western Highway (M8). The iconic sculpture is located on the eastern side of Ballarat. 

You’ll find The Big Ned Kelly statue in various locations across Australia, mostly in Victoria. 

In Glenrowan, for example, there’s yet another gigantic Big Ned Kelly sculpture. The massive statue measures 6 metres high and 2 metres wide, erected as a tribute to the famous bushranger. 

In the legend of Ned Kelly, the town of Glenrowan stands out. This town famously witnessed the last siege pulled off by the Kelly gang. During the raid, three of his gang members lost their lives. It is believed that the spirit of Ned Kelly still wanders across Glenrowan, watching over the town many years later after the historic siege. 

In Queensland, you’ll also find another Big Ned Kelly sculpture in Maryborough. The iconic statue stands in front of the Ned Kelly Motel and service station. Built by Dat Romano, it measures 7 metres high and 2 metres wide. 

Many years after his death, Ned Kelly’s image has had a significant cultural influence in Australia and internationally. His name has been featured in poems, songs, books, newspapers, magazines, art, and most recently, the Big Things of Australia.

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