The Big Mower in Beerwah

the big mower is of the honda brand sitting in a garden beside a shign saying the big mower
The Big Mower in Beerwah (Source: Postie Notes)

The Big Mower is one of the many Big Things of Australia designed to advertise businesses. It’s found in Beerwah, a rural town in the Southern Coast Region of Queensland.

This oversized mower was built in 1974 by a family business that has been operational for over two generations. Also named the Big Mower, the business stocks and sells mowing equipment and other ranges of outdoor power supplies. They also provide repairs and maintenance for such equipment. 

The Big Mower Measurements 

The enormous mower measures 11 metres tall and 3 metres wide. Although its history isn’t so well documented, the structure has become a famous icon in the Southern Coast Region. Visitors and locals alike often stop by the location of this iconic Big Thing of Australia for a photo-op. 

Besides the Big Mower, Queensland is home to several Big Things used as mascots for business. For example, the Big Bolt and Nut advertises the Banks Bolts and Fasteners in Roma. This pair also doubles up as a roadside attraction and a perfect photo-op spot for both locals and visitors.

Another famous mascot in Queensland is the Big Sausage King in Toowoomba, located about 180 kilometres from Beerwah. The Big Sausage King sits atop Gray’s Modern Meat Mart, a local market selling meats, special delicacies, and beverages. However, unlike the first two Big Thing mascots, the huge sausage sits further away from human reach, making it difficult to take up-close photos with it.

But that distance didn’t stop some bad guys from vandalizing the oversized sausage; the sculpture went missing in 2010, prompting a serious search that attracted a reward of AUD 500 and 10 kilograms free supply of sausages.

Eleven months later, four boys found the vandalized mascot abandoned in an old quarry within the region. They not only took home the reward but also restored Toowoomba’s favourite mascot back to its rightful place. 

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