The Big Lizard in Marysville 

the big lizard sculpture with its tongue sticking out
The Big Lizard in Marysville (Source: Weekend Notes)

The Story of The Big Lizard

The Big Lizard in Marysville sits at a playground in Gallipoli Park, along 6 Murchison Street, Marysville, Victoria. It is a giant replica of a blue-tongued lizard commonly found in Australia and some parts of Asia.

In addition to the giant blue-tongued lizard statue, the playground features several other types of equipment for kids and families to have fun outdoors. Examples include:

  • a massive pyramid rope climbing frame.
  • a stand-on carousel.
  • a square of elevated disks where players can compete for the title of ‘King of the Castle.’
  • four swings.
  • a hillock with a metal slide.
  • music instruments.
  • an elevated sandpit.

The blue-tongued lizard is also known as the blue-tongued skinks, blueys or simply blue-tongues. Unlike other lizards, the blue-tongued lizard is known for being shy and having short legs. Given that blueys have shorter legs than most lizards, they are usually slower. 

The name blue-tongue derives from the colour of their tongues; the blue colour usually intensifies depending on the type of threat or predator. 

Although they may seem dangerous, blue-tongued lizards are usually harmless. However, they hiss and flash out blue tongues when they feel threatened, which is why they are often perceived to be dangerous. 

Lizards are well represented in the list of Australia’s Big Things. In Port Lincoln, South Australia, you’ll find another massive sculpture of a bobtail lizard located outside the Kuju Aboriginal Arts Centre.

And, did you know that bobtail lizards can live up to 50 years and only have one mating partner in their lives?

There’s yet another gigantic bobtail lizard in Stirk Street, Kalamunda, Perth. The sculpture was erected in 2012 and measures 9 metres x 1.3 metres.

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