The Big Knight In Knockrow

the big knight statue wearing a colourful suit of armour holding a spear and a sword
The Big Knight in Knockrow (Source: Creative Commons)

The Big Knight

The Big Knight in Knockrow is found at the Macadamia Castle along the Pacific Highway, Knockrow, New South Wales. The Macadamia Castle is a nut-themed park that features a cafe, Nut Bar, Animal Park, food section, and retail store.

The 6.5-metre-tall knight made of fibreglass was built in the 1980s by Bob McTavish, a surfboard shaper who also owned a fibreglass business. It guards the Macadamia Castle, constructed in 1975. 

Since its construction, the castle has been a tourist attraction and continues to draw more attention to the town. It was initially named Knockrow Castle before it adopted Macadamia, a name inspired by an indigenous Australian rainforest tree that produces edible nuts. These nuts grow naturally in Queensland and New South Wales. 

Initially, the knight’s armour was painted white and red, with an orange-yellow cloth, imitating a display of a knight’s suit in the castle. The white armour’s chest had a red cross, depicting that of St. George Knight, an early Christian Martyr who reportedly killed a dragon in exchange for non-Christians converting to Christianity. It is worth mentioning that the initial plan was to have a dragon lay at the Big Knight’s Feet.

Currently, the Big Knight adorns a blue and silver highlighted armour. The red cross on the chest was replaced with a shield displaying the Macadamia Castle and the animals found in this part of Australia. As a sign of protection, the knight holds two weapons – a sword on his left and a sharp spear on his right and stands guard at the Castle’s parking lot.

Other Big Things In New South Wales

This Australian state is home to several other historic Big Things. Here are some of the most popular in the region. 

  • Big Ant in Broken Hill
  • Big Apples in Tallong, Batlow and Yerrinbool
  • Big Avocado in Duranbah
  • Big Axe in Kew 
  • Big Blue Heeler in Muswellbrook 
  • Big Bogan in Nyngan 
  • Big Bull in Wauchope

And so much more.

For more information about the Big Things in New South Wales, please head over to the New South Wales section of our blog.

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