The Big Hard Rock Guitar in Surfers Paradise

the big hard rock guitar is a gigantic guitar in Gold Coasy

“Hardrock Cafe in Surfers” by |Nicolas| is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Story of The Big Hard Rock Guitar

The Big Hard Rock Guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar replica located at the Hard Rock Cafe in Surfers Paradise, City of Gold Coast, Queensland. This guitar is hoisted atop the Hard Rock Cafe’s canopy and has become a famous landmark for visitors and locals alike.

The massive guitar was installed in March 1996 when the cafe first opened. The cafe is one of the many chains of Hard Rock Cafes located in different parts of the world. The Hard Rock Cafe is a world-renowned chain of signature restaurants, casinos, and cafes. 

Visitors at the cafe enjoy a serene rock and roll environment with the guitars, music souvenirs, and the history of music displayed on the cafe’s walls. Additionally, the cafe’s balcony offers a closer view of the massive guitar. 

In 2004, the original guitar was damaged and replaced two years later at the cost of AUD 500,000. It also had another makeover worth $60,000 in 2014. 

The new guitar measures 10 metres high and 3 metres wide, so big that its makeover halted traffic on Surfers Paradise Blvd between Cavill Ave and Hanlon St for three days.

Other Big Things of Australia Inspired By Guitars 

The Big Hard Rock Guitar isn’t the only oversized guitar in the list of the Big Things of Australia. Other great examples include:

Both guitars have great history and connection to music, but one interesting fact about the one in Narrandera is that it is actually playable.

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